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HR1212 : 雲国土 (KUMO-KOKU-DO) 7” EP


In time to commemorate 12.12.12

We present the 雲国土 (KUMO-KOKU-DO)  compilation 7” EP


Limited edition, orange vinyl with fold-out two color poster.


We are pleased to release 雲国土 (KUMO-KOKU-DO): a compilation squeezed onto a 7” that brings together some of the finest artists active in the Japanese underground.

This disc features the talents of TENNISCOATS (featuring UNDORA), TORI KUDO, YUMBO, KAWATE NAOTO, & OTANI NAOKI. Each artist has personally chosen a song from the full length record KUMOKOKUDO by LE TON MITÉ, and made it their own.

The starting track is from YUMBO, a musical collective based in Sendai and directed by Koji Shibuya. They transform the song La Brèche into the finely orchestrated march SUKI, with voice, horns & percussion.

This walk through the forest is followed by KAWATE NAOTO, Kyoto based guitar wizard takes the song about shadows in autumn Ombrage and uses his skill to provide us with a solid gold pop number KAGE.

Next is the haunting voice and acoustic guitar of Maher Shalal Hash Baz mastermind TORI KUDO, who makes his own fragile take on La Brèche.

Side A is rounded out by the psychedelic, lo-fi composition of NAOKI OTANI who flips Caillou, a love song about a stone, into a sonic homage to the sea, KOISHI.

Side B is dedicated to the epic MAYOTCHAKA, performed by TENNISCOATS featuring acapella vocal group UNDORA. Their special take on “Autel Rustique” takes a trip through the gates and makes it a composition for eight voices with the light guitar playing and sparse saxophone of Tenniscoats’ Ueno.

14 minutes. 33rpm

Track Listing:


透き (Suki) brèche performed by YUMBO
影 (Kage) ombrage played by 川手直人 (KAWATE Naoto)
隙 (Suki) brèche sung by 工藤冬里 (Tori KUDO)
小石 (Koishi) caillou recorded by 大谷 直樹 (OTANI Naoki)


(Maotcha Ka) autel rustique - TENNISCOATS featuring UNDORA

Drawings by Namio KUDO

Prices have been adjusted to reflect Belgian postal rate changes.


Release date 12.12.12



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