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HR1212 : 雲国土 (KUMO-KOKU-DO) 7” EP


In time to commemorate 12.12.12

We present the 雲国土 (KUMO-KOKU-DO)  compilation 7” EP

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ROKUMANTAI & Guests : Session in the Park

Invited guests ROKUMANTAI featuring Hans & Tine, plus other friends. Whistles, Iaeniaens & melodicas. It all made for a good Session Rustique in the Dudenpark.

TENNISCOATS : Beauhaus Brussels

live at Beauhaus, Brussels, Belgium, 26 June 2012.
Video by Fabonthemoon.





When Arrington was in town for his art show, we had a musical interlude that included another special guest, Hans BLOEMMEN, saxophone warrior and graphic wizard from Battel. This CD-R (needless to say, printed in limited quantities) is a recording of theis concert. 9minutes and 30 seconds of alchemy.

HR1202 no mail order, available only at the hôtel.

Naoki OTANI : Improvising Disaster


Mr OTANI was in town for a few days, this is a combination of the live concert entitled:
"The Naoki Otani Improvising Disaster" on the 9 December 2010 & other recordings haphazardly made with a cell phone. Featuring François Schulz & hotel staff.

The “mixing” of the album was terminated on the 11 March 2011, the day of the earthquake, tsunami & beginning of the nuclear reactor problems. We learned of the events from Mr OTANI & this gave us the idea to release all Sessions Rustique as aid to victims/survivors of these events.

26 minutes

Prelude in Minor
So It Begins
Bells & Iaeniaen
Fall of Spring
Toys Gone Wild
Shake Rattle
Whiskey or Beer
Après le Disastre
Kind of Miles
Houkou Wa

edition of 20, hand-letterpressed covers
CD-R is 15€ postage paid. Sold out ! Thank you !

Here is a video from the performance:

CAFARD CARRÉ : Chainohanashi


Documentation of a 33 minute session on the preparation of chai tea. Made during the visit of Takashi Carré, this one time performance ended with many people drinking chai & gyoza were made by hand & fried afterward. Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chai.

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Reiko & Tori KUDO : Clair-obscur


Reiko & Tori KUDO : Clair-obscur

This is the live recording of our first hotel guests, Reiko & Tori KUDO, at la Compilothèque, Brussels. The songs are mainly from the “Light” recording.
Thus Clair-obscur was chosen to reflect the light & shadow in this northern city.

In hommage to the tableaus created in this land.


The Flower, She Sings
Homeless in Kobe
We May Be
Cigalle (Cicada)
Luciole (Firefly)
À partir de maintenant (Starting from Now)

The clear fragility of Mrs Kudo’s voice is juxtaposed with the jazz studies of Mr Kudo, with the help of Shiu Yueng Hui on percussion & melodica, Naoki Otani on trumpet & a member of the hotel staff sometimes correctly translating the lyrics into a local language.

45 minutes no tracks to be listened to as if one is there.
recorded 14 November 2009

CD-R is  15€ postage paid.   SOLD OUT ! Thank you !

hand-letterpressed covers
edition of 18

Karl BLAU : Sun Shine Through


Karl Blau from Anacortes, Washington, United States, is a talented fellow known for his autoproduced KELP MONTHLY series and his work with KNW YR OWN and K RECORDS two North Western USA music scene powerhouses.

We invited Karl over after his concert (Karl Blau, Le Ton Mité at Les Ateliers Klaus).

Joining Karl for this session are Architecting, Takashi Kumagai (visiting from Matsue, Japan) & a member of the hotel staff.

Instruments used were bowls, rustique bed warmer, hoquet, and various objects found in the hotel. 

recorded 6 March 2010

CD-R is 15€ postage paid.

SOLD OUT, Thank you !

all proceeds go to relief efforts on Japan
hand-letterpressed covers
edition of 11


Right before the launch of their tour in support of their disc "Fall of Spring", Tanja, Marc & Giorgio of LONELY DRIFTER KAREN stopped by the hotel to film a live version of their song “A Roof Somewhere”.

Where else, but on the roof !

Filmed by hotel staff & a pair of computers, the session was recorded by Marc Melià Sobrevias with film editing done by Tanja Frinta.

Afterwards, we had tea and took a walk in the sun to get ice cream. The Hotel took two scoops : speculoos & cuberdon.

Google alert ! We look forward to seeing Lonely Drifter Karen in concert !